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IoT use cases in a digital, connected world

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Measure + Understand

Tracking, evaluating, and visually presenting data: made possible by the combination of intelligent sensor technology and cloud services.

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Monitor + Maintain

Reliable maintenance and alarm systems that monitor, analyze and communicate to the second when problems occur. 24/7.

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Ordering + Billing

Manage all payment types quickly, affordably and easily: State-of-the-art payment services based on proven systems & mobile technologies.

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Interact + Advertise

Marketing communication via e-marketplaces, matching window, digital calendar: the offline promotion area becomes a digital online 24/7 POS.

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Track + Trace

Find out quickly, easily and cost-effectively where exactly which object is located: with Unique QR code or retrofit-capable NFC Smart Button.

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Locate + Alert

Reliable, cost-effective data transfer via mobile communications technology: even in the most remote locations, sealed-off areas & industrial.

Products and solutions - References

Smart products and intelligent solutions for a wide range of industries: We enable our customers to gain their very special ‘edge through IoT’ – and make them technologically and economically successful.

ROSI® – IoT Hardware Platform

Intelligent, flexible, secure

ROSI® is our IoT hardware platform for reliable data transmission and functioning M2M (machine-to-machine) communication. As universal IoT gateway system ROSI® gets your project ready to start – preconfigured and ready to use, without time-consuming installation of additional hardware on site. If required, we flexibly adapt the system to your individual requirements: Interfaces, sensors, connections, power supply.

ROSI® is universally suitable for all types of sensors, for the connection of various internal bus systems to the Internet or for any.

ROSI - IoT Hardware Plattform
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IoT for the gastronomy

SmartCall is an intelligent beverage management system. The system uses state-of-the-art sensor technology to detect the fill level of a glass and informs the service staff or counter personnel. This real-time interaction with the consumer not only enables beverages to be replenished in good time, but also offers target-group-oriented marketing measures in the immediate consumption situation via integrated loyalty programs.

NFC technology as the basis for communication between the individual components, combined with mobile data communication: awarded the “German Innovation Award Special”.

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Fully automated, digital Kanban weighing system

The innovative Kanban solution iSCALE is based on state-of-the-art, sensor-controlled IoT technology and revolutionizes the complete C-parts management. iSCALE digitalizes all processes of logistical warehouse management, enables significant process savings, reduces on-site inventories, takes up less space and ensures maximum transparency within the entire supply chain.

As a self-sufficient, intelligent system, iSCALE is suitable for all industrial environments and areas of application.

HK.SYSTEMS Referenzen: IoT Waage iSCALE
SpillGuard und HK.System Hintergrund
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SpillGuard® connect

Safety for all hazardous substances

A real milestone for the safe storage of hazardous materials: SpillGuard® connect, jointly developed with DENIOS AG and our partner ROBIOTIC, is a revolutionary hazardous material leakage warning system. Condition monitoring enables the monitoring of hazardous substances in real time. SpillGuard® is the first warning system that completely autonomously detects any leakage in any catch basin and automatically triggers an alarm in the event of a malfunction and informs one or more recipients in parallel.

Innovative IoT technology: For the protection of the environment and the safety of people!

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Pager F.R.E.D.

24/7 Next Level Security

F.R.E.D. = First Responsers Emergency Deployment:

the digital alarm system that reliably and quickly guarantees safety around the clock. Developed with and for people who depend on reliably functioning technology to save lives in the field. The features: reliable accessibility 24/7, fast alerting, simple and intuitive operation, handy and robust format.

F.R.E.D. is the ideal solution for all industries where security operations need to be coordinated quickly and reliably: Fire departments, rescue services, care services, event management.

Tap2cloud App
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Digital added value for analog objects is the tool that digitally designs analog offline objects, generating real added value and additional revenue opportunities. builds the bridge from analog objects to digital twins. The solution works not only for new machines or goods, but also as a retrofit upgrade for objects already existing in the field.

With RFID/NFC technology or a unique QR code (i.XQR), objects are seamlessly managed, controlled and digitally upgraded. opens up new business models for real added value: direct web store connection, mediation of warranty extensions and much more.

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