HK.SYSTEMS connects

A strong holding company for innovative solutions:

HK.SYSTEMS AG connects leading companies from the fields of HMI (Human Machine Interface) and IoT (Internet of Things).

With a wide range of high-quality products and services, these companies are pioneers of groundbreaking solutions in their respective fields. We combine technical expertise, many years of experience and a clear vision to inspire our customers worldwide and meet their individual requirements.

Cooperation and synergies

The close cooperation and exchange of knowledge and resources within the holding company creates ideal synergy effects – in this way, the companies of the HK.SYSTEMS Group complement each other perfectly. Together, we realize forward-looking, sustainable solutions for the individual requirements of our customers.

HK.SYSTEMS connects stands for technological excellence, innovation and customer satisfaction. With a strong focus on customized solutions: Products and services that set technological milestones in their respective industries. With long-term partnerships, we strive to inspire our customers worldwide.

HK.SYSTEMS connects – for our digital future

The companies in the Human Machine Interface sector

On the pulse of the interface between man and machine

Control elements
+ sensors

Hoffmann & Krippner GmbH has been a leading provider of innovative solutions in the fields of input technology and sensor technology for many years. With high-quality products and extensive know-how, Hoffmann & Krippner supports companies worldwide in making their products more user-friendly and more powerful.

Control elements
+ metal housing

Tes Frontdesign GmbH are the experts for customized solutions in the field of complete production of individual operating systems – including the assembly of electronic components. A team of designers and engineers develops and manufactures unique, aesthetic, functional control elements and metal housings.

The companies in the Internet of Things sector

Internet of Things for a networked world of smart devices

IoT solutions + connectivity
Electronics development

Together with its customers, HK.DIGITAL implements holistic IoT solutions from a single source: starting with the selection, development and production of suitable devices through to location-independent connectivity, scalable cloud platform, intelligent data analysis, transfer to customer systems, customizable customer APPS and the implementation and operation of the networked solution. Safety first” applies to all process steps: guaranteed data security in accordance with certified standards.

ROBIOTIC Logo 2024

IoT cloud platform
API + APP development

ROBIOTIC GmbH works closely with HK.DIGITAL and realizes a large number of crucial components for joint IoT projects: from the IoT cloud platform to software development and API interfaces to APP development. Customers also benefit in particular from the company’s many years of experience in the areas of data security and data privacy .As an additional service, ROBIOTIC guarantees the smooth and successful operation of the networked solution.

Digital interaction
User + Device

TAP2CLOUD® builds the bridge from analog objects to digital twins. All fixed assets, consumables and other assets can be managed in the user-friendly cloud platform – completely securely and in real time. With TAP2CLOUD, customers can use their data effectively, optimize business processes and develop forward-looking business cases – including easy-to-implement retrofit solutions.

DNA outside the holding company

In addition to our own companies in the holding company, external companies are also part of our close-knit technology network. We maintain long-standing and extremely successful partnerships with them. This collaboration drives us all forward and the resulting success spurs us on.

Ordering processes

TK-World AG has revolutionized the digital marketing of tariffs and connections. Based on many years of excellent expertise, the company implements digital ordering processes, order processing and individual service concepts. TK-World is a leader in the realization and operation of white label stores in the telecommunications sector.

IoT interfaces
+ eCommerce

spectrum8 GmbH focuses on the development of interfaces for automated order data processing, connection to customer and CRM systems and IoT interfaces. With its expertise, the company also designs, implements and operates platforms and eMarketplaces.