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IoT made real: our solutions

Extensive know-how for cross-industry success: As a basis, we use ROSI®, our hardware platform specially designed for IoT applications. ROSI® ensures functioning M2M (machine-to-machine) communication and thus reliable transmission of data to the cloud.

Preconfigured and ready for immediate use: ROSI® gets every IoT product and every IoT solution ready to start.

SmartCall: Das digitale Getränkemanagementsystem

SmartCall – IoT for
gastronomy business

Intelligent beverage management system. State-of-the-art sensor technology. Innovative marketing tool for real-time interaction with consumers including integrated loyalty programs. Winner of “German Innovation Award Special”.

iSCALE - das IoT-Waegesystem

iSCALE – Revolution in logistics
warehouse management

Fully automated, self-sufficient, digital Kanban weighing system. Sensor-driven IoT technology for innovative C-parts management. Maximum transparency throughout the whole supply chain. For all industrial environments and applications.

Spillguard connect: Innovative Gefahrstofferkennung

SpillGuard® connect – safety for all hazardous materials

Revolutionary hazardous material leakage warning system. Real-time monitoring. Fully self-sufficient solution through innovative IoT technology: for environmental protection and the safety of humans.

HK.SYSTEMS in Talk at IoT Use Case

“IoT product development made easy”: In this podcast, our specialists reveal everything about the iSCALE IoT scale – and how HK.SYSTEMS also makes other devices and components IoT-capable in just six weeks. Absolutely worth listening to!

HK.SYSTEMS in Talk at IoT Use Case

“IoT product development made easy”: In this podcast, our specialists reveal everything about the iSCALE IoT scale – and how HK.SYSTEMS also makes other devices and components IoT-capable in just six weeks. Absolutely worth listening to!

Do you want to make your company fit for the future? Do you want to remain competitive? Then you can’t go without digitalization and the dominating future technology IoT. People, machines and products: IoT globally networks everything that is economically relevant. The resulting digital possibilities will leverage previously undreamed-of potentials and significantly improve existing ones: New business cases, new products and new services are establishing disruptive business models. At the same time, companies are digitally upgrading and optimizing their products, services and benefits – and thus keeping their competitive advantages.

  • establishing disruptive business models
  • Optimize service
  • establishing New business cases + new products

IoT ensures your business to pick up speed and to keep pace with rapid global technological developments: Intelligent IoT solutions secure your economic advantage by adjusting the most important parameters. Optimizing and accelerating processes, increasing productivity, optimizing time, reducing costs for energy and materials, increasing the runtime of machines with predictive maintenance, producing more efficiently – all these concrete advantages form the indispensable basis for a competitive Industry 4.0. Through IoT solutions, you gain real-time information and insights that accelerate your success.


  • Optimizing processes + producing more efficiently
  • Optimize costs + time
  • Gain insights (real-time information)

Intelligent IoT solutions increase the efficiency of existing business processes: Companies benefit from greater accuracy, increased speed, more transparent insights into workflows as well as from significant improvements in supply chains. All of this provides considerable potential for reducing costs. In addition, smart IoT solutions enable entry into new markets and previously unimagined growth opportunities. Digital innovation thus transforms into a concrete economic advantage!


  • Optimizing processes + producing more efficiently
  • Optimize costs + time
  • establishing New business cases + new products

Digital IoT solutions enable new insights through the intelligent collection and analysis of data: about how products, machines, plants, systems and services function, and how to respond to certain requirements at certain times and for certain reasons. This new flexibility not only saves costs, but also resources. Companies thus increase their efficiency and operate more sustainably overall. In this way, IoT solutions and innovative digital services not only secure their own corporate success. They also ensure sustainable customer loyalty by improving the user experience and increasing usage.


  • Optimizing processes + producing more efficiently
  • sustainable customer loyalty
  • improving the user experience + increasing usage

Reach your goal: Be fast, economic and sustainable.

Save time, costs and resources: Together, we start directly with the development and implementation
of your IoT project. We are ready to go!

Timeline of a typical in-house IoT project - series production after 18 months

Phases in detail
Recruiting IoT specialists for IoT hardware, mobile technology, software programming, cloud platform, program manager
1- 3
Interviews + Negotiations
3 - 6
Waiting for expiration of notice periods + start of candidates
6 - 7
Onboarding + team building
7 - 12
Project requirements + elaboration requirements proof of concept
12 - 15
Proof of Concept
15 - 18
Development of prototype + preparation for start of production
Series production
1 Month
3 Months
6 Months
7 Months
12 Months
15 Months
18 Months

Timeline with HK.SYSTEMS - Series production after 6 months

Phases in detail
Initial meeting with your requirements
Workshop and presentation of various solution options
Defining the proof of concept and pilot
1 - 2
Building proof of concept including rapid prototyping
2 - 3
Presentation and testing of prototype and construction of pilot series with load tests
3 - 6
Evaluation, tooling and preparation for start of series production
Series production - service + operation
1 Mon.
2 Mon.
3 Months
6 Months
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