HK.SYSTEMS _ Digital Retrofit

From analog to digital: How HK.SYSTEMS makes machines IoT-ready

Analog becomes digital – retrofit as a smart sustainability principle
In many business areas, the digitization process has significantly increased technical requirements. For an existing machine, this means that if you want to continue using it in the interests of sustainability and not dispose of it, the existing components are replaced by modern components.

IoT in touch with stationary retail!

The Munich developers Alexander Schneider and Sebastian Müller are behind the start-up company Rapitag. Both have a heart for customers under time pressure. That’s why they have developed an intelligent anti-theft device that gives consumers a new shopping experience. Rapitag allows customers to pay for the selected product with their smartphone directly on the shelf.…

Product development for the veterinary product “Gentler” for the non-drug immobilization of large animals.

industrialpartners develops high-tech product “Gentler” for KN Sales UG to immobilize large cattle Recently, the topic of “animal welfare” has been discussed with great attention and justification. Two Odenwald companies are providing technical assistance with a particularly innovative veterinary product. In order to protect animals and humans during difficult or dangerous medical treatments and care…